Client's Requirements:

The client needs a dynamic and visually appealing travel website that showcases various destinations, travel packages, and activities. They want users to be able to search and book flights, hotels, and travel packages. The website should provide detailed information about each destination, including attractions, local culture, and travel tips. Users should be able to customize their itineraries, view real-time pricing and availability, and make secure online payments. Additionally, the client wants the website to be responsive and optimized for mobile devices.


We will develop a responsive and feature-rich travel website that offers an immersive user experience. The website will have an intuitive search and booking system for flights, hotels, and travel packages, allowing users to easily find and book their desired options. We will integrate real-time pricing and availability data to provide accurate information to users. The website will also include comprehensive destination pages with detailed information, photos, and user reviews. Users will have the ability to customize their itineraries, save favorite destinations, and securely make online payments. The website will be optimized for mobile devices to ensure seamless browsing on smartphones and tablets.

Technology Stack:
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,PHP, Bootstrap ,MySQL

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