Car And Bike Rental Website

Car And Bike Rental Website
Client's Requirements:

In our Rockersride project, the client wants us to build a website, where they will be able to showcase their cars and bikes to serve people who require temporary vehicles. From there, the clients or the users will be able to take vehicles on rent for a certain period of time. The only thing the users need to do is to submit their contact details and the rest paperwork will be done by Rockersride only.

There was one more feature that they wanted us to add to the site is, becoming our partner which means any individual can become their business partner by just providing their personal and vehicle details.They also wanted an AdminPanel from where Rockersride will be able to update their vehicle details (rent, images, or other information) on the site and users’ contact details.


We built a website where we fulfilled the requirements provided by our client. We added an Admin Panel from where Rockersride will be able to manage the details of what they wanted.

Technology Stack:
Laravel (a PHP Framework), MySQL, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap (a framework of CSS), Google Maps, and Jquery
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