Audit Softwares

Audit Softwares
Client's Requirements:

The client approached us with the need to develop a comprehensive Audit Management System for their organization, aiming to enhance efficiency in risk management, asset tracking, and overall auditing processes. A key requirement was to design the application with a user-friendly interface, ensuring accessibility for various roles within the organization, including auditors and administrators. This system streamlines auditing tasks, facilitates risk assessment, and efficiently manages assets, aligning with the client's well-integrated vision.


We developed a comprehensive Audit Management System that caters to all the client's requirements, ensuring a seamless and efficient operation for users involved in auditing processes. This application facilitates risk management, asset tracking, and detailed auditing functionalities. Users can effortlessly navigate the system, conducting audits, and generating insightful reports, including Risk Assessment Reports, Asset Management Reports, and Comprehensive Audit Summaries. We incorporated advanced features like identifying risk trends, tracking top-performing assets, and generating reports on audit findings.

Technology Stack:
Laravel (a php framework), MySQL, Quasar (Vue3 framework), Restful API, Nginx Web Server.

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